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Get to know Skala Potamia Thassos: everything you ever asked about the most cosmopolitan village of Thassos!

Here is everything you need to know about Skala Potamia before visiting this cosmopolitan village of Thassos island. Keep reading to discover the ins and outs of Skala Potamia Thassos and get ready for your Greek holidays!

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The old harbor of Limenas

What is Skala Potamia Thassos like?

Skala Potamia is a beachfront village on the eastern coast of Thassos, Greece. It transforms from a quiet settlement in the winter to one of the most visited and full-of-life summer destinations in Thassos. You can find anything here, from traditional taverns and souvenir shops to the famous Thassos Golden Beach.

The mountains that surround Limenas from the south

What is the highlight of Skala Potamia?

Skala Potamia is home to one of the most visited and beautiful beaches in Thassos: Golden Beach. Also known as Chrissi Akti, this 2-kilometer beach starts in Skala Potamia and spans the entire bay. You will find plenty of beach bars with sunbeds and umbrellas along the way.

The ancient harbor in front of the old city of Limenas

Is Skala Potamia different from Skala Panagia?

Yes, Skala Potamia refers to the seaside village created by residents of Potamia at the southern end of Golden Beach. On the other hand, the smaller settlement of Skala Panagia is on the northern section of the beach, closer to the mountain village of Panagia.



The ferry port that connects Thassos with Keramoti in mainland Greece

Where is Skala Potamia?

Skala Potamia is on the eastern coast of Thassos island, sitting in the shadow of Mount Ipsario. The closest village, its mountain brother Potamia, lies 4 kilometers west. Together with the neighboring settlement of Panagia, they offer panoramic views of the entire bay, including the majestic sunrise of Thassos.
The ferry as it leaves Limenas to reach Keramoti passing by Thassopoula

How to get to Skala Potamia?

You can find Skala Potamia on the main road of Thassos. If you are in the capital, Limenas, head east toward Panagia. Once there, take a sharp left to Golden Beach or follow the scenic route towards Potamia. Skala Potamia is on the southern part of Golden Beach, below Potamia.

Paradise Beach Busy Day photo taken from Above

Where to go from Skala Potamia?

After a day or two in Golden Beach, make sure to head south to the next bay, where you will find the exotic sandy beach of Paradise. Although access may be a bit more difficult, as you have to descend a steep road, it is more than worth the effort.


The ancient theater of Thassos with views over Limenas

What to do in Skala Potamia?

Apart from the obvious choice of visiting the Golden Beach, your options for activities are plenty in Skala Potamia. You can stroll around the traditional fishing port, visit the folklore museum of Skala Potamia, or explore its market. And if you want some action, hike in the nearby olive grove under Ipsarion or do watersports.

JetSki making rounds in the ocean

What water sports can I do in Skala Potamia?

You will find two water sports centers in the northern part of Golden Beach. As a result, you may need to walk a few hundred meters to get there. Then, you can try different activities, such as ringos, sofa, fly banana, water bicycle, sofa, twister, or sting rays.
Snorkeling around small fish

Can I go scuba diving in Skala Potamia?

Yes, there are two diving centers in the southern part of Golden Beach. You will find one inside the village and the other two hundred meters to the north, in the area with the restaurants. You can choose between several activities in either store, some of which are ideal for kids.
Sailing on a sailing boat in a clean day with views over the land beyond

Can I rent a boat in Skala Potamia?

Yes, you can rent a boat in Skala Potamia from the same places where you can join water sports activities. You will find these in the northern part of Golden Beach. You may also ask the personnel at the two diving centers near the village of Skala Potamia.

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The city of Limenas Thassos

Where to stay in Skala Potamia?

Skala Potamia has transformed from a traditional village to a full-blown summer resort. As a result, you will find a wide range of accommodation, from hotels and studios to villas and private apartments. In short, no matter your preference, Skala Potamia has you covered.
Limenas Thassos

Where to look for accommodation in Skala Potamia?

First, check for accommodation in travel agencies and popular booking platforms like Airbnb. Once you have chosen the best properties, reach the property owner or host directly to get the best price. You can often find their contact details from a Google search or Google maps.


Tarsans Folklore Museum in Skala Potamia on the edge of Golden Beach

What is the folklore museum of Skala Potamia?

At the edge of the fishing port, you will see the beautiful picturesque building of Tarsana. It started as a refuge for fisher monks from Athos and later became the home of Thassos president. Today, it is a traditional folklore museum that hosts several cultural events.
Golden Beach during sunrise with sun getting right out of the sea

How is the sunrise from Skala Potamia?

Thanks to its location on the island’s east side, Skala Potamia offers a splendid view of the sunrise every morning. If you are near the port, you may need to walk a few hundred meters north to put the hill out of sight.
Driving through Thassos with a car - Photo shot in Kinira

Can I rent a car in Skala Potamia?

Yes, there are two car rentals in the village of Skala Potamia. You can find them 70 meters apart on the road between the coastal path and main Thassos street. To get the best deal available, visit both stores and compare the options.

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